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Welcome, all of my filthy friends!

Is your house a little messy? Or is it a complete disaster? Are you too busy to keep up with household chores? Do you have better things to do then clean? Do you hate housework? Are you feeling bad that your home is a wreck?
I can relate! I'm Filthy Fran and I suffer from chronic "Filthy House Syndrome" (FHS).

What is "Filthy House Syndrome?"

Filthy House Syndrome is a disease that causes suffering to millions of Americans, especially mothers with children in the home. This disease affects not only families, but the very house they live in!!FHS is the inability to keep up with demanding and over-whelming household chores; such as : washing dishes, doing laundry, sweeping, and mopping.In severe cases, like mine, it even causes an inability to pick up toys, clothes, and other objects lying around the house. It has resulted in over flowing trash cans and condemned bathrooms!

What causes FHS?

The main cause of Filthy House Syndrome is KIDS! From tiny babies to big teenagers; kids are the number one cause of FHS. They create extra laundry and dishes to clean. They love to collect and play with toys and they just hate to pick them up! Children love things like Play-Doh and tracking in mud!

FHS can be caused by other things than children. Jobs, aging, moving, illness, buying a new computer; all can lead to severe cases of Filthy House Syndrome.

Explore my website to learn more about Filthy House Syndrome.
Just be careful where you walk!
This place is a total WRECK!

for inspiration and cleaning tips!

Visit the LIVING ROOM to hear how I came to suffer from "FHS" and how to accept and deal with this challenging condition.

The Surviving FHS page contains advice from Spotless Suzie and Filthy Fran. You will also find some handy "this place is a mess excuses".

Filthy Fran's Table Talk is where you can join the FHS community. Here, you can post and view messages from others who suffer from Fithy House Syndrome.

You might have Filthy House Syndrome if...

- you have to push a bunch of junk onto the floor
just to have a place to sit down!

- family members often co-ordinate outfits out of
the dirty clothes hamper!

- you spend lots of money on paper plates,
paper cups, and plastic silverware
because there are never any clean dishes to eat with!

- you frequently tell yourself all your problems
would be solved if you could only afford
a housekeeper!

- the local gas station's restroom is cleaner
than your own!

- the dust bunnies in your home are starting to
complain about the mess!

- when you hear an unexpected knock at the door, you turn
everything off and hide!

- you like to spend lots of time away from home to avoid "THE Mess"!

Spotless Suzy vs. Filthy Fran

Spotless Suzie is really clean,
in her house dirt is never seen;

She washes her walls,
and vacuums the halls;

Spotless Suzie never can play,
she has to clean her house all day!

But, Filthy Franny doesn't waste her time,
with polishing, cleaning, and scrubbing up grime;

Instead, she plays with her bratty kids,
and to a tidy house - a farewell she bids;

Filthy Fran has better things to do,
it's really quite exciting living in a ZOO!

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washing dishes
organizing/picking up

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